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Patrick McCann

Former VFP National Board President

Patrick McCann is a former national president of VFP (2013 and 2014), and has been on the VFP board for 11 years. He also held the VFP Treasurer and Recording Secretary positions.

Patrick joined the USAF in 1970, 4 days prior to his 18th birthday, volunteered for Vietnam, and planned to be a career soldier. He attended an event in Chicago on the 2nd anniversary of the murder of Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark by the FBI and the Chicago police in December, 1971. He walked out of the event no longer ‘their soldier’. Patrick then engaged in ongoing battle with his commanding officers and the war machine, leading to a month in the stockade and an undesirable discharge. He separated from the USAF May 4 th , 1972, 2 years after the Kent State massacre.

Patrick retired from 23 years of teaching high school English in the Maryland suburbs. He’s been fully retired for 5+ years, and lives in Palm Beach County, FL. He is an active supporter of the ‘impacted families’ movement (those who lost a family member to police murder).

Contact Patrick at, 240-482-6291, or 6445 Cypress Lane, Lake Worth, FL 33462.

Patrick McCann
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