Award Nominations

VFP will offer five awards this year. Four of the five awards are for individuals with the fifth award going to Chapter of the Year.
The deadline for the awards nominations for 2022 is July 25th!

Read more about the award categories below.

Award Categories

The Gandhian Non-Violence Award 
The Veterans For Peace Gandhian Non-Violence Award is given to the Associate or Veteran Member who best exemplifies the qualities of compassion and selfless service according to Mohandas K. Gandhi’s philosophy that the highest form of service is rooted in love and non-violence and “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.” Ideal candidates for the award would include members who give themselves unselfishly in service to others in their personal lives, and in their communities. This award is open to Veteran or Associate members who have passed away since the previous convention submission deadline.

Howard Zinn Lifetime Achievement Award
The Howard Zinn Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed upon the person who, during their lifetime, have made significant and ongoing outstanding contributions to the cause of peace. This individual will have also made exceptional efforts to increase public awareness of the costs of war (via activism, teaching, writing, lecturing, the arts, music, film, stage, screen or radio). 

Service and Stewardship Award  
The Service and Stewardship award is given to an individual or group who/which has performed exemplary service in support of the livelihoods of veterans, advance the culture of peace in their local communities, nationally or internationally.

Leadership in Peace Award

The Leadership in Peace Award is given to the person or organization that displays initiative, inclusiveness, tirelessness and persistence in moving the mission of Veterans For Peace forward either locally, nationally or internationally.

Chapter of the Year Award 

The Chapter of the Year Award is awarded each year to the chapter which best exemplifies the five criteria of set forth by the awards committee (media exposure, honors, chapter growth, community service and activism). Chapters will self-report their activities to the awards committee on a form provided here.