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Jenny Pacanowski

VFP Poet Laureate

Jenny Pacanowski is a poet/combat veteran/facilitator/public speaker/playwright/curator. 

In the Army while deployed to Iraq in 2004, Jenny was a combat medic and provided medical support for convoys with the Marines, Air Force and the Army. She also did shifts in the Navy medical hospital. In Germany, she was part of a medical evacuation company.


Jenny received her training to facilitate writing workshops in Philadelphia, She received her certification of teaching artistry through the Lincoln Center NYC. Jenny participated in an NYU/NEA/NEH grants through Aquila Theatre studying, interpreting, adapting and performing greek works including writing performance pieces in response to the classic greek plays. Jenny has studied with Shakespeare and Co. in Lennox, Mass and was mentored by the founder and director of the Decruit program; a program that heals trauma through Shakespeare’s work. Jenny is the Associate Director of the Veteran’s Project within Impact theatre: creating social change through performance. 

Jenny Pacanowski is the Founder and Director of Women Veterans Empowered & Thriving; a reintegration program that utilizes writing and performance to empower the veteran’s experiences and facilitate skills to thrive in daily life. 

Jenny Pacanowski
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